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Singing Workshops

Janice runs a range of workshops such as Singing for Wellbeing and Wild Singing. Nourish the soul, explore the voice, embody good breath support for optimum health, de-stress and let the endorphins flow. Sing to feel good. Suitable for special occasions, staff wellbeing days, festivals, hen parties. For overall, general wellbeing. Get in touch to find out more and to book.

Singing for Lung Health: Anella

Singing sessions specifically created for people living with chronic lung conditions such as COPD, asthma and those who experience breathlessness. Anella means ‘to breathe’ in the Cornish language. These sessions focus on breath control, posture, mindfulness and reducing anxiety to help manage breathlessness. Sessions are musical, fun, welcoming, relaxing and uplifting. Ran in conjunction with Music for Good charity. To book or for more info, contact me.

Singing For The Brain

Singing has been proven to calm and bring joy to people living with dementia. Stimulating memories, evoking emotion, exercising the brain and gently moving the body. Singing For The Brain is an Alzheimer’s Society programme that centres around singing songs well-known and new, vocal warm-ups, rhythm, song games and opportunities to meet other people. Want to know more? Contact me.

Music in Healthcare

Singing live jazz music for all to enjoy. Swing, ballads and well-known songs old and new. More than a performance, sessions are engaging, interactive and great fun with some relaxing tunes too. Bringing out joy and emotion that brightens the day and improves wellbeing. Sessions are tailored to the needs of the recipient. Suitable for care homes, garden parties, hospitals, community centres. Book here.

Forget-Me-Not Chorus Singing Strong

Uplifting singing sessions to engage and energise people with dementia in care homes. Using the power of song to give purpose, improve confidence, and foster expression with each individual and create a wonderful shared experience for residents and staff. Ran by the Forget-Me-Not Chorus charity. For more info, just get in touch.

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